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If you're serious about your fitness, then it's about time you stepped into the GRNDHOUSE studio, or jumped onto their app.

We've partnered with the strength-based training app & studio for a drop of our backpacks inclusive of a GRNDHOUSE patch - available only to members of the GRNDHOUSE app

Ultra-strong Rip Proof Fabric

Load tested to 30kg

60-day money back guarantee

Strength-based programming

3 unique formats - House Strength, House Sculpt & House Sweat 

Available anywhere, anytime

The undisputed industry leading fitness backpack for the dedicated everyday-athlete.

Choose a backpack bundle as tough as your workout.

The No. 1 rated backpack

Hero 2.0 Backpack

Save 25%

Hero 2.0

The ultimate fitness backpack, crafted for everyday and elite athletes. Made from premium, ultra durable materials and fitted with industry leading zippers, this backpack boasts a huge capacity to accommodate all your gym and daily essentials.

60-day money back guarantee

Ultra Fast Free Shipping

For the Elite Athlete

Pro Series Backpack

Save 25%

Pro Series

Designed for the dedicated athlete the Pro Series comes with an extensive spec of the latest technology and ergonomic design features.

Formulated specifically to reduce back pain, reduce odours from sweaty gym kit and provide protection to valuables via shock-absorbent and fully waterproof compartments. 

60-day money back guarantee

Ultra Fast Free Shipping

The Ultimate Gym Backpack You Need Right Now!

The efficiency of placing the order to receiving the package was seamlessly smooth. The bag's build quality is really good. Surprisingly durable. Really perfect as a gym bag, day-to-day to-go bag or even for work/travel bag. Loving it!

Alexandra Chua

Verified Buyer

Backpack is A+, very good quality. Super fast shipping. Got it 3 days after ordering 👌

Tom Batt

Verified Buyer

Excellent delivery with care. First time purchasing Built for athletes products. Was sort of worried if actual products will be different than on the website. No need. Very satisfied when got it.

Andy Chang

Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Athlete Bundle

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