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What size backpack is right for me?

HERO 2.0 Backpack The 45L HERO Backpack The 25L HERO Backpack
48cm x 34cm x 29cm 48cm x 32cm x 29cm 42cm x 30cm x 14cm
Pair of Trainers Pair of Trainers Pair of Trainers
17'' Laptop 17'' Laptop 13'' Laptop
Large Towel Large Towel Towel
Change of clothing Change of clothing Change of clothing
Drinks Bottle Drinks Bottle Drinks Bottle
Wash Bag Wash Bag Wash bag
Wrist Wraps Wrist Wraps Wrist Wraps
Knee Sleeves Knee Sleeves Knee Sleeves
Skipping Rope Skipping Rope Skipping Rope
Snacks Snacks Snacks
Headphones Headphones Headphones
Pair of Weightlifting Shoes Pair of Weightlifting Shoes  
Lifting Belt Lifting Belt  
Meal Preparation Box Meal Preparation Box  
Protein Shaker Protein Shaker  
Two Bottle Holders