Tom Stoltman

World Strongest Man

I like that you can personalise the bags with the velcro patches and how solid they are! The big backpacks you can fit all the essentials you need and I cannot wait to use these bags for flying. Bags are the perfect size for carrying everything you need for the gym.


Aimee Cringle

European Championship Winner

Being an athlete for built for athletes is great. The backpacks are practical and very useful for day-to-day activities or just for taking to the gym, so many compartments which are essential when carrying lots of different items, especially when travelling. There are wide range of colours and badging for you to customise your own bag! There are also water bottles and shakers too! Love them!


Mick Conlan

Olympic Boxer and future World Champion

I love everything about Built For Athletes, as a fighter I have a lot of stuff in my kit bags but having the BFA backpacks I can fit everything I need and more into one bag which saves me a lot of hassle! They are also a great piece of kit that looks very cool also!


Matilde Garnes

CrossFit Athlete & Coach

I love that the bags have so many pockets!! It’s actually possible to organise all of my CrossFit Gear. Last but not least everything fits in the bag, it’s like never ending space. Love it!! Also you can make it personal by using patches which is very cool.


Lerone Murphy

UFC Fighter

I love the brand, it has its own unique style. It almost feels like an army backpack which is cool. It is spacious, yet compact and tidy. Perfect for day to day transitions to and from training.


Sarah Holden

Athlete & Coach

I love that I can fit everything I need for training & travelling and keep it all organised at the same time. The bags look great too and love being able to personalise them with the velcro patches!


Obi Vincent


'Built For Athletes make awesome backpacks. Love the fact you can personalise the backpacks with velcro patches making them unique for the user'


Megan Lovegrove

Crossfit Games Athlete

The godfather of bags. I live out my backpack and it needs to be tough enough to withstand me chucking it around daily full of kit. Thankfully the BFA products are super durable and can take a good beating! I can easily fit my food for the day, training gear, laptop, food and supps in the 45L bags. My favourite part are the two drinks holders on each side so I can keep my shakes separate to the main bag compartments- no one wants protein spillage on their leggings!


Courtney Pruce

Coach & Crossfit Athlete

“Being a full time coach and avid CrossFitter means I have _a lot_ of stuff to carry every about every day - which is why I’m a huge BFA fan! For such a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing backpack, the amount of space is epic and the multiple compartments are great for keeping me organised. I cannot recommend enough!”


Ollie Marchon

Founder of Marchon Training

“As a coach, business owner and someone who actively works out on a daily basis the Built For Athletes Backpack has been crucial. From laptops & notepads to my gym gear, the bag allows me to pack everything I need for a days work or a weekend trip. I’m always on the go so it’s been great to find a bag that is robust, practical, spacious and stylish”


Lucy Davies

Workout Queen & Head Coach

"The Built For Athletes backpacks honestly changed my life as i'm the type of person to have ten million different things to carry around with me! And as I travel a lot with work, it makes sense to have it all in one bag rather than 5! So things such as my camera, gorilla pod, mic, supplements, laptop, gym kit and purse all fit into my bag which i take from work to the gym every day, absolutely love it!"


Tara Jenkins

Crossfit Games Athlete & Coach

‘I originally purchased my build for athletes backpack for my month long trip to Indonesia where I was competing and then training and relaxing. It was perfect for taking to competitions as there are so many compartments to put all my equipment and it was ideal for carrying all my day to day items while travelling around on a scooter. Now I’m back at home, it’s my bag I use to carry my laptop and meals while I’m coaching. Perfect for travelling, ideal for competing and very convenient for day to day activities’.


Tammi Robinson

CrossFit Athlete & Founder Of Fitness Nomad Programming

“ The life of a full time coach and athlete means constantly carrying your life around with you. Grips, skipping ropes, shoes, spare clothes, laptop, diary, lunch boxes, you name it. There is probably nothing more frustrating than having a bag that you have to rummage around in for five hours trying to find what you’re after. Luckily, built for athletes have designed an easy access, multi pocketed -wide opening backpack that not only fits my life in it, but allows me to find what I’m after within seconds of opening it! Not only that, but they look hella rad!”


Silje Emilie Tønnesen

CrossFit Coach/Athlete

'I just love my Built For Athletes backpack, because it keeps structure in my otherwise chaotic lifestyle. I suddenly feel more organised, and I don't have to spend any time looking through my backpack for stuff - which usually has been an issue before. And still it has so much space, a space for everything basically.


Sally Bennet

British Weightlifting Champion

“‘I love these bags because I can fit all my gym kit and accessories in, with all the compartments it’s very organized and I don’t have to carry extra bags with spare clothes, lifting shoes etc. it fits in one’”


Ben Haldon

Head Coach

"I used to carry around separate bags all the time for work, gym, lifestyle which meant halling around several bags. Since having my built for athletes bag, the three elements of my life now fit into one bag with easy accessible departments to keep things organised... I don't know what I'd do without it now"


Virginie Rousseau

CrossFit Athlete

“I love @buildforathletes backpacks because they are so useful and well designed. All parts of it have good size for all the stuff I need at training : My shoes (4 pairs), my equipments (rope, handgrips, knee sleeves...) my toilet kit, my first-aid kit, my wallet, my glasses... And I dont need to empty all my backpack to find something because everything has its own place and I can open it so wide. It’s my best training and travelling partner”


Mitch Eadie

Northampton Saints Rugby Club No.8

“I struggled to find a bag to hold all of my kit and boots. Built for Athletes Hero Backpack is spacious and comfortable to wear with clip on straps, I would 100% recommend to anyone.”


Helena Collins

CrossFit Athlete

“The pack is not only stylish, comfortable to wear it is a lifesaver for comp days. You can fit all your kit, footwear and food (no more lugging around 3 bags on comp days or training weekends away) I love how anything is easy to access as the bag opens out into a suitcase. This bag comes everywhere with me finally I can have all my kit in one bag fully organised with the various storage solutions within the bag!”


Chris Rigby

Coach & Functional Fitness Athlete

Quite simply this is the best backpack I've ever owned. Space for everything, durable and look really cool. It's my everyday and competition bag of choice.