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Sonny Webster

Ex British Weightlifter - All Round Barbell Specialist

'I carry lots of kit to and from the gym including lifters, clothing, towels, wet bags and mobility tools - these backpacks hold it all and look great.'


Tammi Robinson

CrossFit Athlete & Founder Of Fitness Nomad Programming

“ The life of a full time coach and athlete means constantly carrying your life around with you. Grips, skipping ropes, shoes, spare clothes, laptop, diary, lunch boxes, you name it. There is probably nothing more frustrating than having a bag that you have to rummage around in for five hours trying to find what you’re after. Luckily, built for athletes have designed an easy access, multi pocketed -wide opening backpack that not only fits my life in it, but allows me to find what I’m after within seconds of opening it! Not only that, but they look hella rad!”


Obi Vincent


'Built For Athletes make awesome backpacks. Love the fact you can personalise the backpacks with velcro patches making them unique for the user'


Silje Emilie Tønnesen

CrossFit Coach/Athlete

'I just love my Built For Athletes backpack, because it keeps structure in my otherwise chaotic lifestyle. I suddenly feel more organised, and I don't have to spend any time looking through my backpack for stuff - which usually has been an issue before. And still it has so much space, a space for everything basically.


Zack George

Crossfit Athlete

'Built For Athletes have really hit the nail on the head with this backpack. It's very stylish and love the sizing of the bag. I can easily fit all my Crossfit equipment I need when competing over a weekend and also fit spare clothes and my meal preps too. Such a big help only having one bag instead of a few to fit all that I need over the weekend.'


Ollie Marchon

Founder of Marchon Training

“As a coach, business owner and someone who actively works out on a daily basis the Built For Athletes Backpack has been crucial. From laptops & notepads to my gym gear, the bag allows me to pack everything I need for a days work or a weekend trip. I’m always on the go so it’s been great to find a bag that is robust, practical, spacious and stylish”


Sally Bennet

British Weightlifting Champion

“‘I love these bags because I can fit all my gym kit and accessories in, with all the compartments it’s very organized and I don’t have to carry extra bags with spare clothes, lifting shoes etc. it fits in one’”


Virginie Rousseau

CrossFit Athlete

“I love @buildforathletes backpacks because they are so useful and well designed. All parts of it have good size for all the stuff I need at training : My shoes (4 pairs), my equipments (rope, handgrips, knee sleeves...) my toilet kit, my first-aid kit, my wallet, my glasses... And I dont need to empty all my backpack to find something because everything has its own place and I can open it so wide. It’s my best training and travelling partner”


Mitch Eadie

Northampton Saints Rugby Club No.8

“I struggled to find a bag to hold all of my kit and boots. Built for Athletes Hero Backpack is spacious and comfortable to wear with clip on straps, I would 100% recommend to anyone.”


Helena Collins

CrossFit Athlete

“The pack is not only stylish, comfortable to wear it is a lifesaver for comp days. You can fit all your kit, footwear and food (no more lugging around 3 bags on comp days or training weekends away) I love how anything is easy to access as the bag opens out into a suitcase. This bag comes everywhere with me finally I can have all my kit in one bag fully organised with the various storage solutions within the bag!”