About us

This is who we are

Built For Athletes was founded by CrossFit enthusiast Nick Costello in late 2018, today we have supplied over 160,000 athletes around the world. Our backpacks are trusted by everyone who is passionate about fitness and the benefits that brings to body and mind.

Why we exist

Nick became frustrated at having to bring multiple bags whenever working out at the gym. 

Carrying meal prep, training shoes, towel, water bottle, grips, speed rope and a change of clothes wasn’t possible in a single purpose-built bag.

After researching online and discussing with coaches and training partners the idea of producing dedicated carry goods for serious gym enthusiasts took hold.   

Built For Athletes backpacks quickly became an essential piece of kit across gyms in the UK driven by coaches and personal trainers, the early adopters of the brand.

A company with values

Respect – athletes, colleagues, customers. We treat everyone the same way that we like to be treated without exemption.

Give back – We support organisations that strive to make positive change in society and the world we live in.

Learn – We continually improve our knowledge of athletes, nutrition, biomechanics, and product development to supply items which add value to athletes training regimes.

Work Hard – The best things in life usually demand effort. Hard work pays off

Community – We are passionate members of the fitness community and help promote an all-inclusive message where athletes support one another through their own fitness journeys.

Sustainability – We’re on a mission to become the world’s greenest backpack supplier. We plant one tree for every order received to support a range of reforestation projects around the world.