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    Whether you're a seasoned pro or simply passionate about fitness, Built For Athletes' gym and sports backpacks are the perfect training partner. We've optimised the design to create a premium bag with all the essential features to support your fitness journey.

    • Rugged and hard-wearing, with waterproof, rip-proof fabric and heavy-duty zippers
    • Clamshell system opens 180° for easy access, and multiple compartments keep your kit organised, easily accessable and secure
    • Ergonomic construction with adjustable compression straps and hook-and-loop ties keeps you carrying comfortable and compact
    • Customisable with a range of patches to help you stand out from the competition,keeping you motivated
    • Available in two sizes and multiple colours to suit your style
    The Large Gym Backpack is perfect for elite athletes who carry everything from recovery tools to lifting belts. It has plenty of space for all your training kit, laptop,meal prep, and its size makes it the ideal travel bag for long weekends away.
    Looking for a more compact fitness bag for everyday gym use? Our Small Gym Backpack holds a laptop, training kit, 2 water bottles, and moreit’s also perfect for commuting.