Built for Athletes strategy for positive change

Continually source more environmentally friendly materials to use in our products and packaging.

Actively support environmental organisations which reduce plastic entering the oceans and reforestation projects around the globe.

Showing verifiable positive environmental impact is hugely important to us.

Traceability technology keeps account of the quantity, quality and location of all activities.

Our mission is to become the world’s greenest backpack supplier.

Partnering with Ecologi and CleanHub are our first steps on this journey.


Back in 2020 we partnered with Ecologi to help fund their carbon reduction and tree planting projects.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is integral to fighting climate change. Each month we support a range of carbon reduction projects across the globe which are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent.  

Projects supported so far include solar energy generation in Vietnam, renewable wind production in Bulgaria and peatland restoration in Indonesia.

For every order placed with Built For Athletes, one tree is planted. This helps us support reforestation projects on a large scale having planted over 45,000 tress so far.

Sustainability is very important to us and we feel a responsibility to protect the world we live in. As a workforce we’re proud to be carbon neutral. We also plant 1 tree for every Built For Athletes backpack sold. More information on the environmental projects we support can be found here:
Ecologi x Built For Athletes


Built For Athletes has partnered with CleanHub in 2022 to protect our oceans from plastic waste.

Every year, at least 14 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans. Marine life can become entangled in or ingest plastic debris causing lasting damage to fragile ecosystems. Plastic waste also kills up to a million seabirds every year. 

Recovering plastic from the oceans is very expensive and difficult to achieve at scale. CleanHub works with a global network of waste specialists, to help recover and safely dispose of plastic before it reaches our seas and oceans.

Their work is focused predominantly in Asia, which is considered the gateway for up to 80% of all ocean plastic waste as the infrastructure to collect and recycle plastic waste is often absent.

CleanHub are building a large network of local collection hubs to facilitate the collection and safe processing of non-recyclable plastic. In the process they are creating employment opportunities within local communities through sustainable jobs.

Whenever you purchase from Built For Athletes you are directly supporting this amazing organisation to reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans.