CrossFit Games Stage 2 Round-Up: Fraser & Toomey Dominate in California

CrossFit Games Stage 2 Round-Up: Fraser & Toomey dominieren in Kalifornien

Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey proved beyond doubt they are the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth with runaway victories at the 2020 CrossFit Games last weekend.

Fraser becomes the only person in history to have won five consecutive titles, eclipsing Rich Froning’s record, while Toomey has now won the last four Games.

The pair, who are both coached by Toomey’s husband Shane Orr in Tennessee, won by huge margins with Fraser taking victory by 545 points - a CrossFit Games record - and Toomey by 360 points.

Remarkably, Fraser finished in the top two in every event, only failing to win three, and has the most Games event wins in history (29). His dominance was so emphatic that he won every workout on Saturday.

Australia’s former Olympian Toomey looked comfortable the whole way through the weekend too, picking up nine event wins along the way.

Icelandic veteran Katrin Davidsdottir took second place while Samuel Kwant produced the surprise performance of the weekend to take runner-up in the men’s division. At only 24 years of age, Kwant showed considerable promise on Sunday morning in Swim ‘N’ Stuff by beating Fraser to the line in a head-to-head finish.

There were also two rookies who emerged as potential contenders for years to come. Justin Medeiros clinched a place on the podium in third, pushing Fraser all the way in the Ranch Loop, and 19-year-old Hayley Adams took fourth.

Adams has been taken on by Froning at his CrossFit Mayhem Gym, where the Games champions also both train, and is touted as one of the biggest talents in the sport with Froning saying he has seen himself in the American.

So while Fraser and Toomey have now established themselves as not only the undisputed best fittest athleten on Earth but the fittest athleten in history too, they could be faced with some closer contests in years to come.