6 Sandbag Exercises To Create A Full-Body Functional Workout

6 Sandsackübungen für ein funktionelles Ganzkörpertraining

Functional strength is important for athleten because it allows us to transfer athleticism into different situations.

Sandbags are a great piece of equipment to utilise for building functional strength, as you’re able to mimic real-life movements more closely in many cases than you could with dumbbells or kettlebells.

You can also make your own version pretty cheaply and easily, so they’re a good option for a home gym.

Here are six sandbag exercises to help you develop a full-body, functional workout.

Sandbag Zercher Squat

Using a sandbag rather than a barbell to squat helps to engage the core more because it shifts as you move. The Zercher holding position front-loads the weight meaning your abs and back have to work to keep you upright.

Alternating Overhead Press

This exercise is a simple sandbag overhead press but alternating the leading arm to add a more technical element. You have to shift the sandbag down onto the opposite shoulder between reps, making sure not to let it crash on your head.

Bent-Over Row

The bent-over row is a classic functional exercise that helps build strength in your traps and lats. A sandbag is a perfect tool to perform this row, with the handles providing an easy grip.

Sandbag Plank-Pulls

Adding a pulling element makes things more interesting than holding a static plank, and it adds an extra challenge to avoid rotation. Get into the plank position with your sandbag to your left side, drag it with your right arm to the right side of your body and repeat to the alternate side.

Crawl With Sandbag Pull-Through

Crawling challenges the core, hips and cardiovascular system, and adding a sandbag pull-through makes it even better for building strength. The pull-through engage your shoulders and your back too.

Sandbag Clean

Power cleans are one of the best functional strength exercises and, as with a squat, a sandbag adds an extra element of realism due to the weight shifting through the movement. It’s a particularly good option if you’re new to cleans and still learning.