Strength Based Workout

Kraftbasiertes Training

Strength is trained to produce force. By increasing strength throughout the body, certain exercises will become easier/lighter. Lean muscle gain will be a result of this due to the body needing a greater muscle ratio in order to move a bigger weight.

Many athleten/recreational individuals train strength in order to injury prevent. By
increasing strength in a certain region i.e. shoulders the injury possibility will be minimised due to having a greater support in that certain region. Movements above the head/different planes of motions will be greater in stability preventing any unbalanced joint action.

Using a strength-based approach improves the compound lifts, namely:
(Bench Press, Squat, Deadlifts, Shoulder Press, Bent Over Row)

Upper body workout (1) Lower body workout (2) of strength

A1) Explosive Push Up onto a plyometric box 5x5
B1) Barbell Bench Press 5x3
B2) Chin Ups 5x3
C1) Barbell Push Press 5x3
C2) Pendley Row 6x3
D1) Barbell Prone Row 5x3
E1) Ab Roll outs 10-12x3
E2) Upright Row Barbell 10-12x3
E3) Skull Crushers Dumbbell 10-12x3
*aiming for 85-95% of repetition maximum. 2-4 minutes rest in-between each set to allow enough recovery to generate enough strength to complete each rep.

A1) Box Jumps 3x5
B1) Barbell Front Squats/Back Squats 5x5
B2) Seated DB into Jumps 5x3
C1) Split Squats Barbell 5x5
C2) Walking Lunges DBs 6x3 each leg
D1) Hip Thrusts Barbell 5x5
D2) Single Leg Hip thrusts 8-10x3
E1) Straight leg deadlift 6-8x3
Plank weighted if possible, with disc 30-60s x3
Ab Roll Outs 10x3

*letters of each exercise if the same set will be performed as super set i.e.(A1, A1) (B1,B2). 2-4-minute rest in-between each set.

Workout Brought To You By: Alasdair Hamilton
MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology, BSc Sport and Exercise Science
Experience of working at the highest level of rugby in strength and conditioning.
Programmed workouts for professional athleten. Specialise in Strength/Power conditioning workouts. Background of rugby, fitness and CrossFit. Currently train and compete in CrossFit.

Instagram: @alasdairhamilton