Laura Horvath's CrossFit Training Routine & Diet

Laura Horvath's CrossFit Training Routine & Diet

Laura Horvath has a dedicated training programme that’s been working wonders for her over the last few years as she’s emerged as one of the biggest rising stars in CrossFit.

She was runner-up at the CrossFit Games in 2021 and recently took the top prize at the Dubai CrossFit Championships, beating some of the biggest names in the sport to the title, including Kristin Holte, Gabriela Migala and Sam Briggs.

Sport has been a big part of Laura Horvath’s life throughout her upbringing in Hungary, and she started out as a high-level wall-climber.

But since moving to focus on CrossFit in 2014, she hasn’t looked back and has turned herself into an athletic machine.

Here’s an inside look at how Laura Horvath trains.

Laura Horvath’s CrossFit Training Routine

Horvath is coached by Michele Letendre, a former elite CrossFit competitor from Canada.

She follows Letendre’s training philosophy called Deka Comp, which focuses on developing some key physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

The programme is intense, and Hovarth will have just one full rest day a week on Sunday, as well as an active recovery day on a Thursday. This usually involves a swim or an easy jog.

She’ll wake up at around 7am and get out of the house by 8am for her first workout of the day.

An example day of training from Horvath’s programme could include as many as five sessions.

The 24-year-old will head to the track around twice a week to train with her father, a former track athlete who acts as her running coach. A typical session is 3 x 200m, 400m, 600m with a one-minute rest in between reps and three minutes between sets.

She will then usually head to the gym and jump into a rowing session. After a rest, she’ll then focus on some heavier lifting. A typical lifting workout could be four sets of four deadlifts.

This will be followed by two more competition-specific workouts, such as an AMRAP and rounds of hang cleans for time.

While this sounds like a lot, Horvath will have lots of rest in between sessions and will take nutrition on board to make sure she’s recovered.

Lara Horvath’s Diet

Although she has tried some stricter dieting methods in the past like paleo and macro counting, Horvath tends to just try and eat generally healthy and is fairly relaxed about what she eats.

She’ll have a breakfast of oatmeal or scrambled eggs before leaving the house unless she has a track workout, which Horvath does fasted.

In between workouts, she’ll eat another two or three times during the day and tries to avoid eating after 8pm.

Foods that Horvath eats a lot of are dairy products like milk and yoghurt, while she tends to avoid eating bread completely.