2 Techniques Elite Athletes Use To Perform Under Pressure

2 Techniques Elite Athleten Use To Perform Under Pressure

Physical conditioning is a huge part of the puzzle for an athlete, but it’s worthless if you don’t have the mental skills to be able to perform when it matters.

One quality all great champions have in common is the ability to stay cool and give their best when others choke.

Although traditionally that mental strength has been viewed as a God-given talent, sports psychologists are revealing more and more that it’s a skill anyone can learn.

Here are two practical examples that elite athleten use to get the best out of themselves when the chips are down.

Focus On Yourself

Sir Chris Hoy is one of the most successful athleten Britain has ever produced, having been an 11-time world champion and a six-time Olympic champion as a track cyclist.

In his later years, Hoy sought the help of a sport psychologist called Steve Peters to try and polish his mentality.

Before the sessions, the Scot found he would become anxious about the times some of his competitors were clocking in the build-up to his races.

His first instinct was to try and block out the thoughts, but his psychologist taught him an easier coping method.

Peters’ approach was a distraction tactic, and he told Hoy that whenever he found himself starting to panic about other riders being faster than him, he should step back, focus on himself and visualise his own race.

By doing this, Hoy found he turned up at the 2012 Olympics so focused on his own performance that his rivals had no influence on his thoughts.

The distraction technique is something any athlete can use when they’re feeling worried about something beyond their control. Focusing on yourself will build belief in your ability and promote a positive mindset.

Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr is arguably the calmest athlete in CrossFit. She’s unflappable.

The Australian turns up at events with sheer confidence and more often than not blows her competitors away.

A big reason she’s able to stay so composed is that she knows she’s 100% prepared and has covered every base in her training programme.

Toomey-Orr herself says her favourite thing about her sport is that you have to dedicate your life to it to leave no stone unturned and that the pressure put on her by her past achievements motivates her even more to turn up to major competitions having trained for everything.

This is another tool any athlete is capable of doing. You don’t need any talent to turn up knowing you’ve done everything, within your own life circumstances, to give your all.