5 Best Squat Racks For A Home Gym

5 Best Squat Racks For A Home Gym

One of the first pieces of equipment that any athlete looking to set up a comprehensive home gym will need is a squat rack.

There’s a huge market out there with options for many different budgets.

To make things easier, Built for Athletes has compiled a list of five squat racks at different price points.

GYMANO® Pro Club Power Rack With Lat Pull Down (£799.00)

If you want something that’s as good as what you’re used to using in a public gym, you’ll need to splash some cash.

But the GYMANO Pro Club Power Rack will give you everything you want, supporting a load capacity of 350kg.

It comes with the accessories you’d expect from an industrial squat rack, including a pull-up bar, dip handles, plate storage pegs and a lat pull-down feature.

Bodymax CF475 Heavy Power Rack (£349.00)

For a more affordable but still solid industrial option, the Bodymax CF475 will offer pretty much everything you need and even has a slightly bigger load capacity than the GYMANO® Pro Club at 363kg. 

It too comes with a pull-up bar and features adjustable bar spotters and anti-slip feet.

Grist CC Squat Rack Weight Lifting Stand (£299.99)

While we’re now moving into the price range where it’s tricky to find something as comprehensive as what you’d get in a paid membership gym, you might still be able to find something that suits your needs.

The Grist CC Squat Rack doesn’t have bells and whistles like a pull-up bar or a lat pull-down, but it does have a considerable load capacity of 300kg.

With non-slip feet and an adjustable height, it does the job if you want something simple.

Gym Master Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Weight Lifting Squat Rack (£179.99)

Although this has a slightly reduced load capacity of 250kg, it’s a great product for the price.

It’s fully adjustable with spotting rails and a pull-up bar.

Although it looks a little more flimsy than some of the more expensive racks, it could be great for someone who doesn’t need to lift super heavy loads. 

Hardcastle Bodybuilding Adjustable Squat Rack (£149.95)

For those who are looking for something basic, this offering from Hardcastle could be an affordable option.

It takes a maximum load of 250kg and has an adjustable weight and spotter height.

Dip bars are also included.