5 Tips For Improving Your Deadlift

5 Tips For Improving Your Deadlift

The deadlift is a fundamental exercise for anyone looking to get stronger as it engages so many muscle groups. 

However, it can be a complicated move to master. When performed properly, deadlifting increases both lower and upper-body strength but if your form isn’t up to scratch it can come with huge injury risks. 

So what are the best tips for performing an efficient deadlift? Built for Athletes takes a look.

Find A Grip That Works For You

When performing sets at heavier weights, having a secure grip can make all the difference to helping you squeeze out the last couple of reps. Try experimenting with different holds to see what feels right for you and which one lets you get the most out of the move. The three main grips for deadlifting are the overhand grip, the mixed grip and the hook grip. 

Shoes Off

Stripping down to your socks can be daunting when there are heavy weights slamming into the floor, but it could improve your form. Your weight should be on your heels when deadlifting but because training shoes invariably have a heel-to-toe drop, they encourage you to lean on the front part of the foot. 

Go barefoot to make sure your hamstrings and glutes are fully engaged. 

Try Different Variations

The Romanian deadlift and the sumo deadlift are two popular alternatives to the standard exercise and work slightly different muscle groups. Performing them regularly will help strengthen different muscle groups to a greater extent. The trap deadlift is also useful for working on your technique. 

Wear A Belt

Using a lifting belt increases stability and reduces the amount of stress placed on your spine, thus decreasing the risk of injury. Investing in one could give you that extra peace of mind when lifting heavy so you can fully commit to the exercise.

Prioritise Deadlifts

Putting deadlifts at the start of your workout when you’re freshest will enable you to maximise performance. It might sound simple, but if you’re serious about progressing fast, make sure you’re consistent and get the most out of each session - even if it means waiting for a bar to become free.