6 Best Power Racks For Your Perfect Home Gym

6 Best Power Racks For Your Perfect Home Gym

More and more people are considering building a home gym, and a power rack is one of the most useful bits of equipment to start with.

Saving space is crucial when designing your dream personal gym area, so getting kit that can be used for multiple purposes makes life a lot simpler.

Power racks, unlike basic squat racks [https://builtforathletes.com/blogs/news/5-best-squat-racks-for-a-home-gym], have four pillars that surround the athlete. They almost always come with adjustable spotting arms and a bar for pull-ups.

Some will even have extra machines inside the cage, like lateral pull-down machines or leg extension machines, so they really hit almost all of your needs.

To help you find the right power rack for your home gym, here are six of the best available in the UK right now.

BodyMax CF475 Heavy Power Rack

If you’re budget conscious and want a power rack you can pick up for under £500, the BodyMax CF475 is a solid piece of kit. It’s simple, durable and does what you want it to, including a 280kg capacity and wide-grip chinning bar.

Men's Health Power Rig Squat Rack

The Men’s Health Power Rig is a budget option coming in at under £200, so it’s not quite as sturdy as some of the other power racks out there. That said, it still fits all the requirements you’ll want, and includes dip bars for added versatility.

BodyMax PR300 Home Power Rack

The PR300 is a souped-up version of the CF475. As well as all the basics, it has a plate-loaded lat pull down machine and a torso trainer for your core routine.

vidaXL Fitness Power Rack

The vidaXL fitness power rack is basic but effective for home gyms. It has a multi-grip pull-up area as well as spotting bars and an option to bolt it to the ground for added stability. A nice addition is two plate holders which are an important part of any home gym.

Jordan Power Rack

If budget isn’t a problem, the Jordan Power Rack is definitely worth considering. At 2.4m tall, it’s a monster that has eight weight storage bars and 11 rack height options.

Domyos Weight Training Rack

Another cheap option at under £500, the Domyos weight training rack comes with a full suite of accessories. The rack can hold 200kg and the pulley system comes with a pull-down bar and pull triangle.