8 Best Workout Finishers To Build A Stronger Core

8 Best Workout Finishers To Build A Stronger Core

We engage our core in almost all functional movements so keeping it strong is crucial for fitness. 

A good way of working on core strength is to add a finisher to the end of your workout.

Here are eight ideas for exercises to try after your next session.

Battle Ropes

Do four or five sets at maximum intensity for 30 seconds, allowing yourself a one-minute rest. Perform the rope slams in a squat position keeping your back straight to engage your core.

Plank Rope Slams

For added isolation of the core, get into the plank position and slam the rope with one hand. Perform at maximum intensity for 15 seconds, then switch hands and repeat. Rest for one minute between sets.

Crunches & Side Crunches

Perform 10 crunches, then go straight into 10 side crunches on each side. Repeat for two or three sets and use a foot anchor if you can.


Hold a plank for 30 seconds, then move into a side plank for the same duration on each side. Rest 10 seconds between alternations and as long as you want between rounds, repeating two or three times.

Side Plank Rotations

Start in a side plank position with your top arm raised above you. Bring your arm down and thread it through the space beneath you. Repeat for 10 repetitions on each side. 

Medicine Ball Passes

Find a medicine ball and perform sit-ups, throwing the ball to a partner at the top of your sit-up. Complete 30 seconds at max intensity and then switch with your partner, repeating for 4-5 sets.

Hanging Raises

Complete a superset of 10 hanging knee raises and 10 hanging leg raises. This should get a nice burn in your abs. Repeat for two or three sets.

Renegade Row

Take a dumbbell in each hand and get into a plank position. Alternately row the dumbbells for 20 reps. Repeat 3-4 sets.