8 Inspirational Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

8 Inspirational Fitness Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Instagram is home to a number of fitness accounts that post inspiring messages, workout ideas and diet tips. Following them is a great way to maintain motivation for living an active and healthy lifestyle. Each Intagramer has their own unique style and brand, so there’s something to inspire everyone. But which are the best fitness Instagram accounts to follow? Built for Athletes takes a look.

Jocko Willink (@jockowillink)
An ex-US Navy Seal, Willink is best known for posting photos of his watch showing 4:30am when he is in the gym getting his workout done. It’s hard not to feel a spurt of energy after a glimpse of his tireless lifestyle.

Kaisa Keranen (@kaisafit)
Keranen regularly posts videos of herself doing creative exercises set to music. With a beaming smile, she makes complicated moves look effortless.

ATHLEAN-X (@athleanx)
If you want ideas for different and varied workout routines, this is a great account to have on your feed. Run by elite personal trainer Jeff Cavaliere, the ATHLEAN-X profile gives expert advice for free.

Emma Kirkyo (@emmakirkyo)
This London-based strength and conditioning coach has a varied fitness routine that centres around CrossFit. She also provides insightful training shoe reviews as she works for an athletic footwear specialist by day.

Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit)
Parents often find it challenging to fit their fitness regime in alongside childcare responsibilities. Skye combines fitness posts with cute pics of her daughter, making for excellent motivation for mums and dads.

Ben Parkes (@benparkes)
Parkes is an 2:25-marathoner who lives, breathes and eats running. Interestingly, he ran his first marathon in 4:03 at 18 years old, and boasts he is an example of how someone with average talent can do amazing things in the sport if they are dedicated.

Cat Meffan (@catmeffan)
Yoga enthusiasts or beginners alike have to follow this account. Meffan posts photos of a different yoga pose almost every day.

Chris Pazienti (pazi_fitness)
Pazienti is well-known in UK bodybuilding circles after becoming Junior Champion at Muscle Mania 2017 in Las Vegas. He lifts heavy and also posts about nutrition and supplements.