Bodyweight Strength Exercises To Do On Holiday

Bodyweight Strength Exercises To Do On Holiday

Maintaining the consistency of your strength training while away on a summer holiday is always a challenge. Not only are you thrown out of your normal routine, but access to gym equipment and free weights is often restricted.

It can be extremely frustrating to feel your hard-earned gains wasting away, especially if getting into peak shape for your travels has been the main motivation for training over the last few months.

However, there are loads of exercises to work your muscles using bodyweight alone. Built for Athletes takes a look at five of the best.

Bodyweight Exercise No. 1: Pike Push-Ups

Often used as a training exercise to build up to the handstand push-up, this vertical-pressing technique activates a range of muscle groups.

From a standing start, put your hands on the floor with your legs straight (this looks similar to the downward dog yoga pose). Flex your elbows to lower your head to the floor and push back up.

Bodyweight Exercise No. 2: Pull-Ups

This one is a staple many heavy lifters turn to – not just calisthenics enthusiasts – as a back and bicep workout.

Simply find a bar or something similar (you could even try finding an appropriate tree branch, for example), grip it with your hands shoulder-width apart and pull yourself up.

Bodyweight Exercise No. 3: Jump Squats

An excellent way to add a more explosive element to the traditional squat and get your heart pumping a bit harder.

Perform a regular squat in your usual style and then jump up powerfully on the upward motion.

Bodyweight Exercise No. 4: Single-Leg Glute Bridges

Performing bodyweight strength exercises unilaterally where possible will ensure the best return out of a light load. This technique isolates the glute and hamstring muscles on each leg.

Simply lie on the floor with your knees bent, then raise one leg up. Lift your hip off the floor by driving explosively through your heel. Squeeze the glute at the top of the movement and repeat.

Slip an exercise band into your luggage to put round your knees and increase resistance.

Bodyweight Exercise No. 5: Door-Frame Rows

Using what’s available in innovative ways can make for fun new workouts, even if they aren’t ideal. Door-frame rows are a good example of this.

Grab the door-frame with each hand, lean back and perform a row.