Gabriela Migala Sceptical Whether The CrossFit Games Will Go Ahead

Gabriela Migala Sceptical Whether The CrossFit Games Will Go Ahead

The talented Gabriela Migala has admitted she thinks the CrossFit Games could be cancelled despite being scheduled to go begin on September 18th.

International travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic have forced organisers of CrossFit to come up with new ways to stage the sport’s flagship event. The top 30 athletes in the world are preparing to compete in an online competition, with the best five then being offered a chance to go head to head in California.

But Migala, who at 21 years of age is one of the brightest prospects in the women’s division, is unsure whether it will happen at all given the lack of communication about the new schedule.

“This has been a tricky year and there was a lot of uncertainty in everything,” she told Morning Chalk Up.

“It’s very strange. I would say it’s better to have an online competition than nothing but I’m going to be honest, there’s nothing better than to compete in live competition. This is like another qualifier.

“We still don’t have the details of what it’s going to look like. We just have the dates, and that’s it. And to be honest I’m a little stressed about this because the date is approaching and we don’t know stuff still. So maybe they’re going to announce that it’s not going to happen - I don’t know. I hope not, but who knows.”

After finishing 17th in the Open at the back end of 2019, it’s been a frustrating year for Migala so far. She decided to relocate from her homeland of Poland to Majorca just before the virus took hold in Europe, making it difficult to settle on the island.

“I wasn’t able to train here because Spain was pretty harsh with its lockdown,” she explained.

“Two days after I received the keys to my new apartment they announced the lockdown. So I had no furniture, no bed, no plates, no pans - I wasn’t even able to cook for myself.

“Luckily my coach, who lives here on a farm with his girlfriend who is now my training partner, invited me to his farm outside the city centre. So we were able to take some equipment and set up a pretty sweet home gym at the farm.”

As it stands, Migala is still set to virtually line-up against the best in the world later this month, but whether she would even be able to travel from Spain to the USA if she made it through to the final stage of the Games remains unclear.