Is The CrossFit Open Happening This Autumn?

Is The CrossFit Open Happening This Autumn?

The CrossFit Open has been moved back to the start of next year for the 2021 season, with the competition getting underway on the 8th of February.

Last term saw the Open move from its usual place in the calendar to the autumn months, but CrossFit HQ has confirmed the competition is reverting to its normal schedule for next season.

The disrupted 2020 season was likely a factor behind the move, as the new start date will allow elite athletes who competed in the Games a longer break from competition and hard training.

There is also the potential that international travel restrictions could be eased later in 2021, and therefore moving everything back could allow a smoother Sanctional season.

That said, the reason for the move could just be that 2020’s Open was a lot less popular than in previous years after registrations dropped by 34 per cent from 2019.

Boosting those participation numbers has certainly been highlighted as a priority by new CrossFit Ceo Eric Roza, who has set the ambitious target of 500,000 registrations for 2021.

If that number were achieved, it would far surpass the previous best of 415,000 registrations in 2018.

But Roza is confident that the figure is achievable, even commenting that 1million registrations would not be out of the question in a few years time.

There’s no doubt that the elite competition should draw some interest. This could be one of the most fiercely fought Opens in years as it is still unclear exactly how the qualification system for the 2021 CrossFit Games will work.

With widespread cancellations in the Sanctional season last year, places from the Open were heavily relied upon to determine the field at the Games, and this year could be no different.