Should You Eat Raw Eggs To Build Muscle?

Should You Eat Raw Eggs To Build Muscle?

Some bodybuilders try and replicate Rocky Balboa by guzzling down a big glass or raw eggs, but is it good for you?

Eggs certainly come with a number of health benefits and are extremely high in protein, but a lot of people are fearful of uncooked eggs due to the concerns they could cause salmonella.

So is it safe to consume raw eggs and do they help you build muscle better than cooked eggs? Built for Athletes takes a look.

Raw Eggs Vs Cooked Eggs

Contrary to what you might think, protein from raw eggs actually isn’t as well absorbed by the body as protein from cooked eggs.

One small-scale study in the late 1990s found that humans absorbed 90 per cent of the protein in cooked eggs compared to just 50 per cent when eating them uncooked.

It is possible that some important nutrients might be better absorbed when eating eggs raw though, such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, phosphorus and potassium.

So if you’re particularly looking to eat raw egg as a way of building muscle, you’re better off cooking it to make a more tasty meal that you’ll absorb more protein from.

Raw Eggs Can Cause Food Poisoning

While many people do eat raw eggs and not suffer any illness as a result, there can be harmful bacteria such as salmonella in them.

Salmonella can be found on eggshells and occasionally within eggs themselves, although it is very rare.

Raw Eggs Can Block Biotin Absorption

Biotin, or vitamin B7, helps with the production of glucose and fatty acids. Egg yolks can actually be a good source of biotin.

However, uncooked egg whites contain a protein known as avidin which binds to biotin and makes it harder to absorb for the body. When the egg white is cooked, though, this is not an issue.