6 Of The Best Calorie Tracking Apps

6 Of The Best Calorie Tracking Apps

Getting your nutritional intake right can not only improve sporting performance, but also give you more energy and put you in a better mood throughout the day.

Apps have been used to help with tracking calories and nutrition for many years now and can be an invaluable tool if you want to keep closer tabs on what you’re eating.

Here’s a rundown of six of the best calorie counting apps.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is probably the best-known calorie tracking app out there because it’s been around for so long and has proven incredibly popular. Its huge database of more than 11 million food items and barcode scanning system makes it one of the most comprehensive apps available. It also lets you log meals with a number of popular restaurants.


Nutrients sells itself as nutrition at your fingertips because it’s loaded with facts and the nutritional breakdown of hundreds of thousands of food stuffs. For £4.99 on the App Store, you can get their entire database offline.


MyNetDiary enables you to take full control of your diet by calorie counting as well as setting your own focus and goal. A big plus is that you can integrate it with other fitness devices as the app can connect with Fitbits, Apple Watches and Garmins among others.

Carb Manager

Carb manager is probably the best app you can use to help you stick to the keto diet because, as the name suggests, it helps you track carbohydrates. It has a keto calculator so you can track net carbs, and it provides a number of keto-friendly recipes.

Calorie Counter By FatSecret

One of the biggest perks of this app is that it’s completely free, unlike a lot of calorie counters. It’s simple to use and pretty comprehensive, letting you track calories and keep a food diary.

Protein Tracker

If you’re concerned about protein intake, Protein Tracker is a great tool to help you set protein goals and make sure you stick to them. You can look at the long-term picture of your protein consumption over a period of time, and set reminders to eat protein to help you reach your needs on a more micro level.