The Highest Earners From The 2019-20 CrossFit Season

The Highest Earners From The 2019-20 CrossFit Season

The 2019-20 CrossFit season wasn’t the one we were all expecting.

Last year was supposed to bring a huge boost in revenue opportunities at the elite level of the sport with the introduction of 13 new Sanctional events, however only 10 could go ahead before widespread cancellations became inevitable in March.

That meant that the total prize money earned by individuals during 2019-20 was actually over $150,000 less than what was awarded in 2018-19.

The fact that the Games were able to go ahead, however, enabled the sport’s top earners to access their major payday of the year.

Winners in each of the men’s and women’s divisions claimed $300,000 while second and third took home $115,000 and $75,000 respectively.

An event win was also worth an additional $3,000.

CrossFit 2019-20 Top 10 Male Earners

Mathew Fraser – $354,542
Patrick Vellner – $128,060
Samuel Kwant – $128,000
Justin Medeiros – $101,000
Brent Fikowski – $79,500
Noah Ohlsen – $87,020
Jeffrey Adler – $63,020
Roman Khrennikov – $55,500
Chandler Smith – $46,500
Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson – $39,520

CrossFit 2019-20 Top 10 Female Earners

Tia-Clair Toomey – $415,080
Katrin Davidsdottir – $136,020
Sara Sigmundsdottir – $119,020
Kari Pearce – $110,020
Haley Adams – $71,962
Karin Freyova – $55,500
Brooke Wells – $52,000
Amanda Barnhart – $46,020
Sam Briggs – $44,520
Kristin Holte – $40,020

Tia-Clair Toomey’s figure does not include the $65,000 she earned from the Rogue Invitational as it was not a qualifying event for the Games due to being moved online.

Rather surprisingly, Toomey still managed to eclipse the $414,000 she earned last year despite the number of cancelled competitions.

In Mat Fraser’s case, his decision to withdraw from the Rogue invitational to allow an injury to heal in time for the Games certainly paid off financially.

His historic victory meant he earned more than second and third-placed Patrick Vellner and Samuel Kwant combined.