The Workouts We Know Are Appearing In CrossFit Games Stage 2

The Workouts We Know Are Appearing In CrossFit Games Stage 2

Ahead of the CrossFit Games this weekend, a few of the workouts set to challenge the world’s toughest athletes have already been released. 

Just like every year, Dave Castro and his team are seeking to test every element of the athletes’ fitness despite the Games taking place in California in a unique format this time around.

Here is every workout we know about so far.

 Corn Sack Sprint

 The corn sack sprint is as bare-bones as it gets. Athletes grab a sack of corn - weighing 30lbs (13.6kg) for women and 50lbs (22.7kg) for men - and must sprint up and down a 320m hill as many times as possible in eight minutes. The hills around the Castro family ranch are notoriously steep, so it’s sure to be a brutal climb.

CrossFit Total

There’s an aura around the history of this event because it was the final workout at the inaugural CrossFit Games 13 years ago. It’s arguably the best test of strength. Athletes have to lift as heavy as they can for one rep of a back squat, a shoulder press and a deadlift with the highest total load scoring the most points.


This reps-for-time workout sees competitors perform decreasing reps of 30, 20 and 10, with the walking lunge reps measure in yards. One of the big dilemmas here is whether to take a strategic rest break or push through and complete the workout unbroken.

Snatch Speed Triple

The Snatch Speed Triple was not meant to be released yet, but thanks to an accidental post on the CrossFit official Instagram page, the fitness community knows it’s coming. We don’t know what weights will be in place yet, but athletes will have to perform one snatch at each bar as fast as they can.

Trail Run

We don’t know any of the exact details about what Event 5 will involve other than that it’s a trail run. Dave Castro released the teaser about the workout on Monday with a photo of his dog running up a hill.