Top 5 Exercises To Build Stronger Glutes

Top 5 Exercises To Build Stronger Glutes

Building up the behind can bring many rewards. Glutes that pack strength are undoubtedly useful to athletes as well as Instagrammers so it’s certainly an area worth your attention.

Let’s take a look at five exercises that can be used to bulk up your bum.

All The Squats

It’s obvious, simple, and effective. 

Squatting is certainly one of the main movements you can use to build strength in your glutes. Use a variety of different types to maximise training benefits.

Pistol squats, split squats and sumo squats can all be used in addition to barbell back squats and front squats.

Barbell Hip Thrusts

For an exercise to really make you feel a contraction in your glutes, try barbell hip thrusts. 

You’ll definitely feel it working your butt and hamstrings, and can add resistance by increasing the weight as you get stronger.

Sumo Deadlift

The sumo deadlift concentrates more on the glutes and legs than a traditional deadlift, which places more of an even workload on the lower back and legs.

So to make sure you recruit a greater proportion of muscle fibers from the bum throughout the lift, choose a sumo deadlift.

Unilateral Glute Bridge

The name makes it pretty obvious what the target area of this exercise is.

For a more focused movement to complement the barbell hip thrust, ditch the extra load and add some unilateral glute bridges for extra volume.

Weighted Lunges

Grabbing some dumbbells or a sandbag to perform walking lunges is a nice method to beef out your leg day, and is another great way to target the glutes.

It will also benefit your core too, as staying balanced is key.