Top 6 Energy Drinks To Fuel A Workout

Top 6 Energy Drinks To Fuel A Workout

You can’t always feel energised and ready to go for a workout. We’ve all turned up to the gym thinking “I can’t be bothered with this” at some point. 

Well, a classic way to get yourself in the mood to work hard is to take an energy drink on board.

Caffeine has been proven to enhance performance from endurance activities to weightlifting. If the top athletes in the world take advantage of it, why shouldn’t you?

Here are six of the best energy drinks to have before a workout.


Nocco packs a considerable 180mg of caffeine in just a 330ml can, much more than most other energy drinks that come in the same size. It’s sugar-free and was made with athletes in mind, with the company sponsoring some top CrossFitters like Samantha Briggs.

XITE Energy

XITE’s biggest selling point is that it only uses natural caffeine from green coffee beans rather than chemicals. That means it has less of a metallic taste to it and goes down smoothly. It also contains B vitamins and ginseng which contribute to increased energy levels too.


Tenzing is another natural energy drink made purely from plants. It gives a dose of vitamin C to aid the immune system as well as electrolytes, although caffeine is a diuretic so the hydration effects of the latter are likely to be less.

Red Bull

A staple of the market, Red Bull has over 3million users in the UK and shouldn’t be completely ignored. It’s popular because, while it might not have some of the bells and whistles the other drinks on this list do, it tastes good and provides a buzz.

Grenade Energy

Grenade is another drink that uses natural caffeine and is marketed at people involved in sport. It contains BCAA as well as some vitamins and comes in three different flavours.

Cellucor C4 Energy

C4 contains natural caffeine and niacin, which is an organic compound that boosts energy. It also has 50% of your daily recommended vitamin B12 intake, so could be a particularly good pick for vegans.