Top Four Tips For Improving Your Snatch

Top Four Tips For Improving Your Snatch

The snatch is one of the most complicated and difficult movements a weightlifter performs. While there are almost countless potential pitfalls, it’s a crucial exercise that engages a wide range of major muscle groups.

Here, Built for Athletes has compiled four top tips for improving your snatch.

Keep The Bar Close To Your Body

Nailing the basic points is what will give you the best power return.
It’s common for lifters to become disconnected with the bar through the pulls but by keeping it tight to you, the transitions will be smoother and more controlled.
This is even more important as you progress up to larger weights, with risk of injury increasing if your form is poor.

Drive With Your Legs

Having a clear mindset that you’re driving from the floor up rather than pulling with your arms can go a long way. All your arms do is grip the bar and keep it close to your body, before finally catching the barbell as your body moves below it.
It’s a simple psychological trick that can make a big difference.

Improve Leg Strength

With the previous tip in mind, it’s key to have a strong engine room for the movement. Building leg strength by improving your squat will have a big knock-on effect to the snatch. Ironing out your squat technique will also help you engage your quads and move upwards beneath the bar.

Practice The Three-Position Snatch

The three-position snatch requires greater force to be produced on the second and third lifts due to the muscles becoming increasingly fatigued. Just like building a quality squat, learning to do a heavy three-position snatch will help develop
the essential muscles involved in the traditional snatch.