What Is The Best Type Of Protein Powder For Building Muscle?

What Is The Best Type Of Protein Powder For Building Muscle?

There’s a lot of choice in the market for protein and it can be difficult to understand the key differences between options.

To cut through some of the noise, here is the rundown on a few of the most popular types of protein powder.

Whey Isolate Protein

The key benefit of Whey Isolate is that it’s had most of its carbohydrate and fat content removed, so is made up of about 90 per cent protein.

That makes it a popular option among those trying to stay lean and also means it’s faster to absorb than other types of Whey

Whey Concentrate Protein

Whey Concentrate is the more common type of Whey. It’s the cheapest and tends to mix better with water, making for a smoother taste.

It has a slightly lower protein content than its Isolate alternative, coming in at around 80 per cent. That’s because it has a greater amount of carbohydrate and fat, with around 5g of carbs per serving.

Whey Hydrolysate Protein

Whey Hydrolysate tends to be more expensive than the other two types discussed above, but it has the lowest number of carbohydrates and fats because it has been filtered even more. A protein content of around 95 per cent makes it extremely fast to absorb.

Plant-Based Protein

With the steady rise of veganism among athletes in recent years, plant-based protein powders have become increasingly popular and can have benefits for meat-eaters too. A 2017 study found that plant proteins can be just as effective as alternatives for building muscle.

Better still, many contain superfoods which can boost your antioxidant levels to support the immune system. They also tend to be easier for the gut to digest too.