7 Tips For Bulk Cooking Meals

7 Tips For Bulk Cooking Meals

Preparing balanced meals takes time, which is something not all athletes have after their workouts.

Cooking in bulk can make it much easier to stick to a nutrition plan and avoid convenient cheat meals.

Here are seven tips to make bulk cooking easier for beginners.

Get Ingredients Organised

Chop everything you need before you start cooking to make life easier for yourself. And don’t try and be a perfectionist - anyone cooking for a week or longer will likely have a lot of veggies and meat to get prepped, so just get the job done.

Invest In Containers

It goes without saying that you’re going to need plenty of containers to store the food. Spending a little more money could cut out hassle down the line. Glass containers are safe to microwave and recyclable.

Limit Ingredients For The Week

Having different ingredients in every meal for the week is going to complicate things. Keep it simple and go for around five vegetables that can be used across different meals in the plan as well as meats and carbs that can have multiple purposes.

Find A Place To Store Recipes

For many of us, sitting down to actually plan what to eat can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of bulk cooking. Getting organised with a place to store your recipes will make things easier and smoother down the road.

Get Help

Call in reinforcements by asking family members or housemates to help out in the kitchen. This will not only save you time but likely make the process a lot more enjoyable.

Think About How Long Things Last

Keep track of how long different foods will last in the fridge or freezer and factor this in when you’re sorting your meal plan.

Clear The Fridge Or Freezer First

Cooking in bulk can take a couple of hours so the last thing you’ll want to do after finishing is going through the fridge or freezer chucking out-of-date foods away.