Meet The Team: Jen Muir

Meet The Team: Jen Muir

Guest Post from Peter White of Coffee, Pods & WODs, introducing the latest athlete on the BFA roster - Jennifer Muir.

Potential, humility, future superstar, killer, determined and dedicated - just some of the words that come to mind when thinking of Built For Athletes newest athlete, Jennifer Muir.

Some people are inspired to pursue fitness through attending a sporting event, some through witnessing a feat of mastery, others because they started young and found something special. Jen first found her drive for physical activity when she was 8 years old and she fell off her bike. She was dumped from her bike into the canal, unable to swim and saved by a jogger who happened to be passing. Soon after, she started swimming lessons. Soon after that, her innate talent was spotted and rewarded with a spot on the swimming team. During swim training they often undertook some ‘land training’ and, sure enough, during land training, she realised something. She wasn’t just a good swimmer, she had triathlete potential. That potential led to her representing Scotland in under 18s at 15 years old. 

‘Help, I’m drowning’ at 8 years old to ‘I’m representing my country’ in Triathlons within 7 years. Not only that, she was also representing her country 3 years below the age cap. Potential.

After falling out of love with triathlons a bit, Jen found herself doing some weight training, something to do. For anyone else, the next step would seem unlikely, for Jen, it’s about right. Unaware of what weights she was lifting and just, well, lifting, Jen surprised onlookers with her strength, especially considering her Triathlete frame. On hearing that there was powerlifting competitions, Jen signed up, eager to have something to train towards. 

She entered five competitions, she told me that. She podiumed at all five, she didn’t tell me that. Humility.

After discovering CrossFit and realising she enjoyed the competitive nature of the methodology and the plentiful opportunities to compete outside of her own gym, she drank the Kool Aid. In May of 2022 Jen competed in her first individual competition at Castle Games.

This year, in May, Jen stepped out onto the competition floor in Berlin for The CrossFit Games Semifinals as an individual. 

Just let those last two sentences sink in.

‘This is my first individual competition’ in May 2022 to ‘I’m the 16th Fittest Woman in Europe’ 12 months later. Future superstar.

The first workout at the Semifinals stage was a long and grueling test with machines and sled pulls. Easy to go out too hot, easy to misjudge or be a bit overawed or giddy. Jen won the event and set the record worldwide. Killer.

Despite some elated highs, it wasn’t all plain sailing in Berlin and Jen left knowing she had work to do. She almost made it, surprising herself and plenty of others with how close she came. Jen left Berlin with the realisation that she was closer than expected and with some tweaks and dialing in…

“I’m closer than I thought and I’ve shown others that too. I’ve got a year to do everything in my power to not feel this way again”. Determined and dedicated.