What To Eat During A Weightlifting Workout

Was Sie während eines Gewichtheber-Trainings essen sollten

Mid-workout nutrition is not a topic that gets a lot of attention. 

For most athleten, eating during a weightlifting workout probably isn’t essential if they’ve eaten a well-balanced meal in the hours beforehand. 

In fact, if the body is spending energy digesting food then performance could be affected negatively. 

But for those who are particularly trying to bulk up or pack on muscle mass, then consuming calories during a session could be beneficial. 

Not to mention those who lack the time to get a proper meal in two to three hours before hitting the gym. 

If you are looking to fuel mid-workout, the body will use amino acids as well as glycogen so both protein and carbohydrates are worth replacing.

Protein Shakes

Due to being fast-absorbing, protein shakes are a good option for mid-workout nutrition. 

Both ready-to-drink shakes as well as powders mixed with water can be extremely convenient too, which is a key factor to consider. 

Protein Bar

Protein bars are another convenient option and will help the body replace some amino acids lost.

Try and find a protein bar that offers a source of carbohydrate too. A protein to carbohydrate ratio of around 1:1 is good.

Beef Jerky

Getting hold of beef jerky or biltong can be harder in the UK than in other countries, but it is accessible in some supermarkets and online. 

It’s often eaten mid-workout by strongman athleten, including Eddie Hall before he retired, and is desirable because it’s so lean. 

You want a snack low in fat because the fat will slow down the absorption of protein and carbohydrates.

Turkey Slices

Turkey slices are another low-fat option that can be consumed at the start of a workout for a protein kick.