3 Ways To Build Conditioning Exercises Into Everyday Life

3 Ways To Build Conditioning Exercises Into Everyday Life

There is evidence that training in small amounts at high frequencies can be beneficial for building lean muscle and strength in some athletes.

Those athletes who struggle with persistent niggles and have imbalances could benefit the most from conditioning work.

The small, unglamorous details often get ignored by amateurs though, so it’s useful to find any way possible to get them done. One approach is to build reasonably low resistance conditioning exercises into everyday life.

Built for Athletes takes a look at three easy ways you can do this.

Take Mini Breaks

Coffee breaks or smoke breaks are common in workplaces. These could be replaced by five or 10-minute conditioning breaks.

This doesn’t involve going out and doing squats at 90 per cent of your one-rep max that would exhaust you. You can stick to exercises that aren’t exhausting but help to build overall volume.

Targeting small muscle groups, such as calves, could ensure you don’t go back to work completely out of breath.

Establish A Morning Routine

Creating a consistent habit of doing a short 10-minute conditioning circuit each day is easier once you have a set time to do it.

Many people find it easiest to form these habits around a morning routine so they don’t have to pull themselves away from other things that get in the way later in the day.

If you commit to a set routine for a period of two weeks, then by the end of that two weeks it will have become a habit and it should be much easier to persuade your brain to do it.

Use Dead Time

If you shift your mindset, then dead time such as moments when you lose internet connection halfway through streaming a video or when you’re put on hold on a phone call stops being an annoyance and turns into an opportunity.

Rather than sitting and waiting, you can fit some conditioning exercises in.

You can even utilise time on public transport by doing discrete exercises like seated calf raises.