4 Signs You’re Addicted To Fitness

4 Signs You’re Addicted To Fitness

Seeing results from your training is extremely rewarding and most enthusiastic athletes would admit they are addicted to fitness to some degree.

As addictions go, it’s a pretty positive one that has all kinds of great mental and physical side effects.

However, sometimes athletes can lose control and they start pushing themselves harder and harder in ways that are not only unsustainable but potentially dangerous.

Whether you’re concerned you might have lost control of your training structure or are just curious has to how addicted you really are, here are four signs of an addiction to fitness.

Your Social Media Feeds Are Full Of Fitness Content

If the algorithms on your social media apps are constantly feeding you media and adverts related to fitness, there’s a good chance you’re hooked.

Instagram and Facebook serve up content tailored for you based on a number of factors, including what type of posts you’ve engaged in previously. So if every other Facebook status or Instagram update you come across centres on sport, it’s because that’s the stuff you love to read, watch and share.

You’re Constantly Thinking About Working Out

If your social media feeds are full of fitness, you might also notice your training plan constantly is constantly on your mind. The drive to search for and engage with fitness content is probably driven by the fact you’re thinking about it every 20 minutes. For many amateur athletes, sport is their passion so they just love thinking about how they can gain an extra edge or what tough workouts they’ve got coming up.

Feeling Guilty About Training

Training regularly and working towards goals is a healthy habit that most people struggle to stick to. But for us fitness addicts, the routine comes naturally and it’s actually when we’re forced to miss or limit our training volume because of other commitments that makes us feel stressed. That’s when feelings of guilt start to set in and we feel we need to do more in order to catch up on lost gains.

Frequent Injuries

We all know those characters who just can’t stop themselves from training even when they pick up injuries. Often they’ll rush back to soon and find themselves getting injured again, causing an irrational and destructive cycle. If you don’t know anyone like that, it’s probably you and you’re addicted to fitness.