5 Areas Of Fitness Everyone Can Improve During Coronavirus Lockdown

5 Areas Of Fitness Everyone Can Improve During Coronavirus Lockdown

Gyms are closed and you’re only allowed out once a day, so many have resigned themselves to an easy training load or a break from working out altogether.

But there is still plenty you can do to improve your fitness so that you emerge from the isolation period a better athlete.

Here are five areas everyone can work on during the coronavirus lockdown.

Core Strength

Core strength is one of the easier areas to develop through body-weight exercises so it’s something anyone can focus on at this time.

If you want to add more variety to your core routine, you could even order some kettlebells or a medicine ball, or just experiment with different items around the house. Get creative!

You could end the lockdown with the best abs of your life.


Flexibility and mobility are things most athletes don’t bother with at the best of times, so with more time on your hands this is a great opportunity to get some stretching done.

Find some follow-along yoga videos or just take 10 minutes every day to stretch out.

Taking the time to do so could save you from an injury when you get back into a full normal routine or when competitions start up again.

Aerobic Fitness

Exercising outside once a day with a run or a cycle is encouraged so the majority of us can spend time making our heart and lungs stronger.

If you want to add in a second aerobic session a day, you could invest in a skipping rope or do a light circuit.


Sleep is fundamental to becoming a better athlete as it’s when many adaptations occur.

With no temptation to go out in the evenings, you could set yourself up in a healthy routine to take forward when the lockdown ends.

You could find that improving the quality and duration of sleep then allows you to train harder and feel more benefits.


Much like with sleep, you can set yourself up by forming good habits now that could pay off big time in the long run.

Substitute the unhealthy foods in your diet for more nutritious alternatives. For example, if steak and chips is a normal meal for you, have a sweet potato instead of the chips.

Everyone’s at home more often so it’s the easiest it’s ever been to plan and prepare meals.