The Fitness Programme Of A Snowboarder

The Fitness Programme Of A Snowboarder

While the stereotypical snowboarder image is the relaxed and life-loving type, the pros certainly take their preparations for hitting the slope seriously.

They don’t shy away from hard work in the gym, but the specifics of their fitness programmes are not widely known.

So here, Built for Athletes discusses some of the pillars of their training as well as examples of exercises they use.

Develop balance

Snowboarders can often be found doing stability work on a BOSU board as balance and core strength is clearly key to their sport.

They aim to develop strength and stability in the ankles as well as glute muscles.

Squats and single-leg squats on the BOSU board are regular exercises in a snowboarder’s routine.

Develop Explosive Power (Plyometrics)

Explosive power is key to launching into complex acrobatic tricks, so snowboarders use plyometric exercises to develop this area.

Bounding and jumping is commonly used to develop this area - for example depth jumps using a box.


Having the strength and agility to perform difficult movements in the air is one thing, but snowboarders wouldn’t be able to put together a routine if without adequate aerobic fitness so they spend time strengthening their heart and lungs.

This is usually done through high-intensity intervals of running or cycling.

Conditioning & Injury Prevention

The body is put under a lot of stress throughout their day-to-day training, so snowboarders engage in a lot of basic strength and activation work to avoid injury.

Lots of single-leg strength exercises, such as piston squats or banded glute bridges, along with plenty of stretching aims to combat niggles and problems that could halt their training or competing.