5 Of The Best Kettlebells To Buy In 2021

5 Of The Best Kettlebells To Buy In 2021

Kettlebells are in high demand with the whole of the UK now back in lockdown.

The prices of home gym equipment have soared and many items are once again out of stock. 

But there is still some availability of kettlebells, which remain a versatile option to improve the quality of home workouts. Here, Built for Athletes looks at six of the best kettlebells to buy in 2021.

Escape Rubber Kettlebells

The rubber case on these kettlebells means the user doesn’t have to worry about damaging flooring - a valid concern for home gym users. A stainless steel handle makes for a product with a high-quality feel.

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect

At £299.99, the JaxJox Kettlebell Connect isn’t cheap, but if you want a high tech kettlebell that won’t take up too much space and can be used by practically the whole household, it could be for you. It has six weight adjustments and comes with an app that tracks your reps and weight so you can see your progress.

Bestevery Grip

If you also want dumbbells to lift, the Bestevery kettlebell rip is a clever invention which turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell by adding a handle via a clamp. It’s a cost and space-effective way of adding to a home gym.

Primal Strength DoubleBells

Primal Strength DoubleBells are a unique take on the kettlebell. They’ve created a cylinder-shaped weight with handles at both ends, which the brand claims boosts the versatility of the product. If you’re interested in trying something new, they range from 10-30kg.

JLL Kettlebells

JLL kettlebells have been popular for a number of years. They’re solid cast iron kettlebells wrapped in a rubber coating that ensures they’ll protect floors. Available from as light as 2kg to as heavy as 24kg, they’re a good value choice.