5 Of The Best Sleep Tracking Apps

5 Of The Best Sleep Tracking Apps

Getting good quality and plentiful sleep is one of the most important parts of leading a healthy lifestyle and cementing fitness gains. 

There’s no shortage of apps you can use to get detailed statistics and insight into your own sleep.

Here, Built for Athletes runs through five of the best sleep tracking apps available. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is the most popular app of its kind. Not only does it track your sleeping patterns to wake you up at the most optimal time, but it also gives insightful feedback on the quality and duration of sleep you get each and every night, giving you weekly and monthly breakdowns.

Sleep Score

Sleep Score sells itself as being based heavily on extensive scientific research. It tracks your sleep and gives you a score based on six different parameters to tell you exactly how good the rest you’ve been getting is. It also offers personalised tips on how you can improve your sleep.

Sleep Tracker

This app comes with a mood diary and calorie counter making it an all-round health app that could be right for you if you believe that diet and other behaviours during the day strongly influence the sleep you get at night. It tracks the amount of sleep you get in comparison to your sleep goal so you can see how much different factors really do influence you as an individual.


Pillow is only available on IOS and comes with visual charts that are easy to understand so you can see what kind of sleep you are getting. You can either download the app to an Apple Watch, or to an iPhone which you can slip under your pillow.

Sleep As Android

This app offers sleep statistics and bedtime notifications to Android users. It comes with features like lullabies to help relax the brain and put you to sleep, plus it records noise and plays back snoring or sleep talk.