5 Of The Best Weighted Vests For Training In 2022

5 Of The Best Weighted Vests For Training In 2022

Weighted vests are an extremely effective way of adding difficulty to your workouts, but there are lots out there to choose from.

Strapping one on is an effective way to build strength and endurance by increasing the intensity of a session.

You can use them in a lot of different scenarios, including running workouts or bodyweight resistance exercises like pull-ups, split squats and push-ups.

They can also provide a great new challenge to the same old sessions if you’re in need of freshening up your routine.

So if you’re considering buying a new vest or are doing a lot of bodyweight training, here are five of the best weighted vests available.

Gravity Fitness

Gravity Fitness offers a sizeable 20kg vest with removable metal weights, which means you can adjust the load depending on your workout and easily clean it between sessions. It has a smart design and has a short fit to limit the restriction of movement.


Mirafit offer vests ranging from 10kg to 30kg, so you can go big or start with a lighter option if you’re new to weighted vest training. Whichever you go for, you can still adjust the weight by removing or adding the 1kg cast iron blocks. The 10kg option is just £50, making it an affordable vest if you don’t want a huge load.

Phantom Athletics

The Phantom Athletics vest is a sleek-looking model, with strap extensions that allow you to add up to 18kg. It also comes with good padding on the shoulder straps, making for a comfortable fit that you can wear for extended periods.

Bulldog Gear

Bulldog Gear offer a 20kg adjustable vest which is fitted with weight plates as well as removable 1kg bricks. At £80, it’s a well-priced model with an ergonomic fit that hugs your body.


Wodsox offers a stylish vest that’s modelled on military-grade bulletproof vests. It’s made from polyester that’s built to last and has adjustable shoulder and weight straps.