5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Fitness Gains In 2021

5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Fitness Gains In 2021

A new calendar year is a signpost for many athletes to reflect on what they achieved over the last 12 months and think ahead to what they want to do in 2021.

It’s easy to set new lofty ambitions, but the day-to-day habits could be what makes or breaks whether you get to those goals.

Here, Built for Athletes explores how you can set yourself up to create a routine for big fitness gains in 2021.

Invest In Yourself

We’re not suggesting you buy your way to success, but ensuring you have the right tools in place to maximise your enjoyment of the sport could lead to greater consistency in the long run. Purchasing recovery products to help you feel at your best more often or nutrition supplements to boost how your body handles workouts can give you the marginal gains you might need. And of course, we believe owning a HERO Backpack will ensure you’re always ready to train.

Build Recovery Into Your Daily Routine

If you know you’re prone to neglecting post-workout stretching or foam rolling, then establishing a regular time of day to work on recovery is a good way to help reduce injury risk and leave you feeling fresher. It could mean just getting up off the sofa to get blood flow into sore areas or even doing a daily yoga session.

Find Out What Drives You

Becoming more aware of what really motivates you - what you really get out of your training - can help to keep you on track when things start to get tough. Reminding yourself of it on a regular basis can not only ensure you stay committed but also put things into perspective so you can enjoy the journey more. Try writing down what drives you in a notebook or around the house so you can reflect on it daily.

Remove Temptations

Getting our regular environment right is crucial. Getting rid of distractions where you can, like unhealthy foods for example, will help make sure you don’t break from good habits. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind” rings true.

Start How You Mean To Go On

Building new habits is difficult and there’s always a part of the brain that looks for an excuse to put it off. By getting the first few weeks right, behaviours will eventually become automatic and you won’t have to think about difficult decisions anymore.