Top 5 CrossFit Gyms In The World

Top 5 CrossFit Gyms In The World

CrossFit has exploded since it came on the scene around the turn of the century, and you can now find affiliated gyms all over the planet.

From bare-bones warehouses to fully equipped state-of-the-art facilities, there are some spectacular boxes out there, all of which come with the trademark friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere of the sport.

Here, Built for Athletes guides you through five of the most spectacular CrossFit gyms around the world.

CrossFit Twente, Netherlands

Built inside a large church, CrossFit Twente features a huge open-floor space with beautiful arches and windows lining the wall, and a stunning ceiling. It has to be the most eye-catching and unique CrossFit Gym around.

CrossFit South Bay, California

Located on Hermosa Beach on the outskirts of Los Angeles, just down the coast from Santa Monica, at CrossFit South Bay you can enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean while getting your workout in. It’s also frequented by some of the best elite athletes, with Annie Thorisdottir regular visiting in the summer months.

CrossFit Barrier Reef, Australia

CrossFit Barrier Reef in Cairns has everything an athlete could need but maintains a basic, no thrills feel. Graffiti wall art adds to the quirky vibe, while the Australian sun and family feel given by its husband and wife owners makes it even more inviting.

S2S Fitness Bali

Surrounded by greenery, S2S Fitness Bali has a natural feel to it despite being right at the heart of Bali’s capital, Denpasar. The ethos of the gym is about community and overall wellbeing, taking a holistic approach to training.

CrossFit Belltown, Seattle

The lighting and wall features give CrossFit Belltown a beautiful aesthetic. Owner Nadia Shatila has prioritised making the gym a place people look forward to visiting, so she’s installed a hangout area with a cocktail making station and cool games like croquet. Some serious athletes use the gym too, and it has no shortage of barbells, kettlebells and floor space.