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Are You Directionless?

with Moritz Neumann


Hey Athlete,

To accomplish a goal, you must have a plan of action.

Lots of people will say they would like to get stronger, build quality mass, improve
performance yet their actual approach is directionless. The diet and training they are following is not aligned with the goals they say they'd like to attain. 

This isn't a criticism; this is merely an observation.

The great news is we can actually give you a very simple to apply, 3 punch strategy to regain direction and get moving towards your goal again!

Step 1:
Document what those long-term goals are, so they can act as your north star. 
With a pen and paper, write them down, or at least put them in your notes on your
Having your long-term goal written down now sets the direction for everything else, all we need to do is create the framework around that outcome now.

Step 2:
For the purpose of this content, let's define "medium term" as 6-8 weeks.  
Medium term goals are very important and often overlooked when working towards improvements in performance or body composition.

Generally, the mindset is either on the long-term goal which is too far away in
isolation, or the short-term goal which creates a very short-term way of thinking (a
lack of patience usually occurs when you only think short-term). 

We need medium term goals so that:
1. You have time to make meaningful progress
2. It is close enough to keep the mind focused and stimulated

When you can focus on medium term goals, you enjoy the "quick" wins and that in itself builds a great deal of momentum. 

Step 3:
With the long-term goals set, and your medium goals outlined too, the short-term
goals are all about micro improvements which accumulate over time to make the
other 2 happen. 

The critical thing about short-term goals, which can be defined over a 7-21 day
period, is that every day counts! With that said, you must nail your consistency
otherwise you will remain static. 

Getting back on track with your goal setting is about reverse engineering from the
long-term goal, and then using medium and short-term goals to make them become a reality. 

Psychologically, when you marry together the urgency of short-term goals and the
fact that medium-term goals aren't too far into the distance, it helps you remain far
more focused. The long-term goals then tend to happen as a by-product!


Team BFA

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