6 Podcasts To Listen To While Running

6 Podcasts To Listen To While Running

With social distancing measures in place, runners have been forced to cover a lot more solo miles than they might do normally.

A great way to make the time on your feet more enjoyable is to get some virtual company by listening to podcasts.

So here, Built for Athletes has compiled a list of six great podcasts to tune in to on your next run.

Running Commentary

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering record themselves talking about life, their careers as comics, and thair running ambitions all whilst out on the road themselves. The duo mic themselves up and head out for a run, an approach that certainly fosters a feeling of comradery for listeners. 

Humour is at the heart of the podcast but comedians also delve into some meaty subjects as well.

Running For Real

Hosted by elite marathon runner Tina Muir, Running for Real features conversations with sports psychologists, nutritionists, coaches and athletes. It aims to give practical insight that all runners will be able to relate to and take forward into their own training in order to improve.

Marathon Talk

Released every Wednesday, the hosts of Marathon Talk discuss some of the current topical issues in the world of marathon running, as well as speaking to experts from all kinds of fields.

The podcast takes a look at the elite world for avid fans, but also offers tips and advice for runners of all abilities who are looking to tackle the 26.2-mile distance.

Run To The Top

Run To The Top bills itself as a podcast for every runner to help them reach their own potential in the sport. It talks to everyday runners with inspiring stories and elites to give listeners mental energy and motivation. 

Don’t Tell Me The Score

Journalist Simon Mundie chats with sporting legends about their lives and careers. He touches on a different theme each week, exploring lessons learned from sport which can be applied to all aspects of life.

Mundie has guests from all kinds of sports, from snooker to athletics and rugby.

Stephen Scullion’s Road To Tokyo

Irish marathon runner Stephen Scullion gives a unique insight into the mind of a professional athlete as he strives to make it to the start line of the Tokyo Olympic marathon. 

Scullion speaks honestly and openly about his ups and downs, including battles with depression and alcohol, as he strives to make the most of his talent.