8 Fitness Influencers To Subscribe To On YouTube

8 Fitness Influencers To Subscribe To On YouTube

8 Fitness Influencers To Subscribe To On YouTube

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, YouTube has become a widely-used tool for keeping fit.

There’s a whole host of channels that have been pumping out quality content for a number of years, and many have stepped up their output to capitalise on the new demand. 

Here, we’ve highlighted a variety of fitness influencers on the platform to help those who are looking to explore what’s on offer.


With over 1.8million subscribers, MattDoesFitness focuses on the bodybuilding lifestyle but has videos looking at various topics. The Bodybuilder Tries series, for example, sees Matt attempt different types of workouts, like CrossFit sessions, and crazy diets.


Scott Herman has been on the YouTube scene since 2009 creating instructional videos aimed at helping people improve their returns in the gym. 


ThenX is a fitness programme focussing on calisthenics, and it’s YouTube channel has built up 6 million subscribers. It provides accessible workout routines that can be done at home.

Yoga With Adriene

One of the stars of lockdown was Adriene and her popular yoga channel which holds a wide range of content suitable for beginners to more experienced Yogis. 

Barbell Brigade

Barbell Brigade is run by Los Angeles powerlifter Bart Kwan who posts helpful videos on heavy lifting, including tips for lifting while pregnant

The Body Coach

Almost everyone in Britain now seems to have heard of Joe Wicks, so the man needs no introduction. His home workouts are extremely accessible, which is why he’s built up over 2.5 million subscribers.