CrossFit Games: Athletes Test Events At CrossFit Ranch

CrossFit Games: Athletes Test Events At CrossFit Ranch

There is still plenty of speculation as to whether this year’s CrossFit Games will happen at all given the number of high-profile international sporting contests that have already been called off this summer.

The travel restrictions in the USA at the moment is causing a lot of uncertainty for international competitors. At present, anyone who has been to the United Kingdom, for example, in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter the USA, while the British Foreign Office is advising all citizens against heading to the States.

There is also some doubt as to whether organisers will receive a permit from local authorities in order to hold the event at all.

Nonetheless, signs from inside the camp are that it’s full steam ahead and Dave Castro has released images of athletes testing the workouts at the CrossFit Ranch in California where the Games are scheduled to take place.

Castro, the Games Director and now CrossFit CEO, regularly uses competitors who have missed out on an invite to the main event to test his grueling trials.

Those helping him perfect the workouts this year included Sean Sweeney, Jason Carroll and Alessandra Pichelli.

Seeing detailed preparation certainly gives some hope to fans that the 2020 Games might still take place in some form.

Castro has even been stoking the conversation around the Games by suggesting he doubts Mat Fraser’s ability to take home another win this year.

“If Mat can win, which I don’t think he will,” he said on a recent live Instagram Q&A. “I actually don’t think he will this year, but if he can, then he will be the most dominant athlete on the individual side.

“He’s slipping,” Castro continued. “I think he lost his edge. He has all the fame and popularity, being a slave to the IG, the travel and priorities I think aren’t there.”