Best Self-Massage Tools For Relieving Muscle Pain

Best Self-Massage Tools For Relieving Muscle Pain

Effective self-massage tools are a godsend in helping to relieve muscle pain and let you get on with day-to-day life.
Athletes can spend hours searching for the best equipment to help with every part of the body.
With the aim of speeding up that process, Built for Athletes has compiled a list of massage tools that could be right for you.

Vibrating Foam Roller
Although it might seem a bit gimmicky, vibrating foam rollers can get deep into muscles. The vibrations tend to allow you to put more pressure on the roller with less pain, enabling a more rigorous massaging effect.

Massage Ball
Despite often being infuriatingly painful, massage balls let you target specific areas in muscles to get rid of knots. If you don’t have one to hand, an alternative is to try using a golf ball to do the same job. The purpose-built balls will likely be easier and more effective though.

Vibrating Peanut Roller
A peanut roller is handy for getting stuck into areas like glutes, hips and calves due to its curved shape.

Recovery Boots
Recovery boots are favourites among elite endurance athletes as you can sit back and relax while they help increase blood flow to the legs. The boots apply pressure by inflating and deflating with air.

Foam Roller
If you don’t have any of the items on this list, a traditional foam roller is probably the place to start. It’s cheap, easy to use and versatile, good for helping with recovery all over the body.

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Recovery Stick
Recovery sticks are another simple tool that can work wonders. They’re great at helping you get stuck into tricky-to-reach areas like shoulders or groins.

Massage Cane
Another one that is extremely helpful for reaching areas that are hard to get to.
Massage canes usually feature a hooked shape that makes it easy to access your lower back.