Foam Rolling Benefits

Foam Rolling Benefits

Foam rollers are tools that can aid your workouts in many different ways but are often ignored by ameteur athletes.
Taking the time to hit the exercise mat and get stuck into some self-rehab is an easy thing to skip out on when you’ve got a full-time job on the go.
There are many reasons to do so though and, here, Built for Athletes has listed some of the best.

Enhances Recovery
Due to increased blood flow to the muscles, more oxygen and nutrients get circulated to key areas that have been exercised, meaning the body can perform better when it gets back in the gym. This could also leave you feeling fresher and more energised throughout the day.

Relieves Muscle Pain
Pain in muscles and joints is a common problem after being overworked through exercise. Self-massage helps to remove lactic acid from the muscles and ease delayed-onset muscle soreness.
Foam rolling also helps to heal scar tissue in the muscles and releases trigger points to help ligaments and fascia (bands of connective tissue attached to muscles) that can in turn relieve pain in joints. For example, runners often roll their IT bands to help with knee pain.

Prevents Injury
By healing scar tissue and removing lactic acid, the body better deals with high workloads which can often lead to injuries. The best and most dedicated athletes are consistently performing injury prevention techniques. It’s too late to wait until you’re already injured and are facing weeks away from training when you could be improving your fitness.

Improves Mobility
Foam rolling lengthens and stretches out the muscles to improve flexibility and thereby makes for greater mobility and range of motion. This in turn can have positive effects on performance.

Saves Money
Taking on self-rehab and self-massage techniques will help keep you out of the physio room and off the massage table. Although it might be painful and a difficult task to motivate yourself for, foam rolling can in this way help you keep money in your pocket.

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