Four Tips For Improving Mobility

Four Tips For Improving Mobility

Maintaining full range of movement is an ideal every athlete chases. It’s invaluable in almost any sport but can be particularly challenging for heavy lifters to achieve.
There are several ways you can stay fully mobile to aid your training and also make daily life easier.
Here, Built for Athletes takes a look at some of the top tips around.

Warm Up Properly

This point might seem like we’re banging a very old drum, but it’s importance makes it worth mentioning early. Warming up helps prepare the body for exercise and aids performance by ensuring you can complete a full range of movement.
Failing to warm up properly can lead to stiffness and even injury, so finding a routine that works for you and making it a habit will have a big impact on your overall mobility.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch!

It’s something most amateur athletes are guilty of neglecting but stretching your muscles greatly helps them to cope with a high training load. Stretching during rest periods or as part of your cool down is a useful way to fit more in. There’s also loads of time to fit it in during the day. Stretching in front of the TV is easy. And it’s good to keep any muscles you know are prone to tightness or injury nice and flexible.

Joint Mobility Exercises

These can help keep pain at bay and, like stretching muscles, lead to better performance by increasing range of movement. Joints can often feel stiff or cramped after exercise, particularly when overworked by repetitive
activities. Keeping them mobile will help relieve that soreness.
Find stretches or movements that will activate the joints you use in exercise and make a habit out of doing them regularly.

Do A Yoga Class Once A Week

If you want to improve your flexibility and mobility but can’t motivate yourself to put the time in, sign up to a weekly yoga class. That way, you commit to doing something to help improve your mobility each week without having to think about when you can fit it in.