Home Workouts For Crossfit

Home Workouts For Crossfit

Home workouts benefit athletes by performing body weight exercise to practice
balance/technique and use body weight as a variable of weight. Through exercising body weight, injury prevention will be maximised. By strengthening to move body weight, joints, tendons and ligaments will structure themselves to prevent any injuries to occur away from a weight I.e. Dumbbells or Barbells. 

Balance of individuals will be benefited by strengthening the core (midline), which will support through weighted exercise. For example, if you're unable to body weight squat with a sufficient technique the chances of squatting with a barbell or external weight will be minimal. 

One of the common CrossFit workouts can be degraded to a ‘mini’ version (weighted vest can be worn):

Mini 'Murph'
1-mile run
100 push ups
200 air Squats 
1-mile run

By performing exercises which will benefit weightlifting/gymnastics through body weight, the phase at which equipment can be used again (post virus), the technique and possibility of performing to a sufficient standard will be at high. For example, to improve rig related movements (muscle ups, pull ups, toes to bar) the below workout can be done to increase core strength and stability.

Hollow Rocks 
Hollow Plank Shoulder Taps
Hollow Holds 30s
200m run between each set.
Overhead Squats/Snatch Technique 
30 air squats arms raised above head 
20 wall slides (wall sits movements)
10 overhead squats with an object
5 rounds 
*intermediate pace for Technique and balance development 

Home Workout WOD Lower Body Emphasis
50 Air Squats 
100m run 
50 Air Squats 
100m run 
20 burpees
100m run 
20 burpees
2 rounds.
*weighted vest can be worn*

Upper Body Emphasis
30 press ups 
30 sit ups 
30 pike press ups (handstand scaled)
30 planks down and ups (hands to elbow)
30 mountain climbers 
30 incline Press Ups

EMOM 30 minutes
1st minute: 20 press ups
2nd minute: 25 Squats 
3rd minute: 30 plank ups 
4th minute: 20 jump Squats 
5th minute: 10 burpees

AMRAP 30 minutes 
20 burpees
15 press ups
9 leg raises (dragonflies) 
100m run 

Alasdair Hamilton 
MSc Sport & Exercise Physiology 
Instagram: alasdairhamilton