How Many Push-Ups Could You Do In 1 Hour? World Record Broken

How Many Push-Ups Could You Do In 1 Hour? World Record Broken

The world record for the most push-ups in one hour has been broken by Daniel Scali from Adelaide, Australia.

The 28-year-old mechanic completed 3,182 push-ups by using a 12 seconds on, 6 seconds off technique.

That was enough to surpass the previous best-ever tally of 3,054 set by another Australian - Jarrad Young - in 2021, and means Scali now holds two world records having completed the longest ever abdominal plank (nine hours and 30 minutes) last year.

Scali holds the two records while also living with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a condition that causes him to feel constant pain in his left arm. He’s had CRPS since the age of 12 when he badly broke his arm.

“It's virtually my brain telling my left arm that there's pain there,” Scali said.

"Anything from a soft touch, wind, or a slight movement can cause unbearable pain, so I shower without getting my left arm wet.

“Water, especially, is like a razor blade running across my arm."

Scali says a big motivation for breaking records is to put meaning behind what he’s been through and show that anyone can learn how to manage pain.

"If you convince yourself that pain is a fuel to keep you going, I have convinced myself that pain is weakness leaving my body," he continued.

"For me breaking these records has been about raising awareness for chronic pain sufferers and inspiring belief in others.

"I believe anyone is capable of anything they put themselves out there to achieve.

"I wanted to show that you don't have to be sheltered by the pain, and it doesn't have to be a barrier to success.

"Although at times it might be hard and the days may seem longer, if you continue to pursue your goal, you are guaranteed a better outcome than those who don't.

"I'm extremely happy and grateful to everyone that supports me with my achievements and I'm already looking forward to what comes next!"