Metcon & Conditioning WOD

Metcon & Conditioning WOD

Weekly Metcon
For time
500m row
30, 20, 10
Hang Power Clean
Pull Ups
Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)

Weekly Conditioning (Rowing)
5-minute window
65 calorie burn
Max effort burpees in remaining time.
x2 5-minute rest between sets

score = how many burpees completed

5 minutes
45 burpees
Max calorie burn in remaining time

5-minute rest between sets

score = many calories burned


Metabolic conditioning (metcon) has been hugely popular through the community and sport of functional training. Metcon abbreviation is used to describe a fast paced, workout of the day to make you vomit. The two areas of athletic development in a metcon is muscular strength and cardiorespiratory.

Many opinions relating around fitness highlights high intensity training (HIIT) benefits weight loss and muscular strength in one workout. A definition generated by (Arthur Jones,1975 of the athletic journal magazine) discusses the ability to work at a high-level intensity for a long period of time.
*To design a METCON these 5 steps below will ensure the correct method is used and results will be achieved:

1. High intensity
2. Rest – included as intervals i.e. 30s rest between each round (dependent on fitness)
3. In 1 round – Upper body exercise, lower body exercise, total body exercise
4. 15- 20 minute maximum
5. Aim to add each exercise with weights to benefit ‘muscular strength’

Alasdair Hamilton
MSc Sport and Exercise Physiology, BSc Sport and Exercise Science
instagram: @alasdairhamilton