Sam Briggs Gets CrossFit Games Spot After Emma Tall Slapped With Penalty

Sam Briggs Gets CrossFit Games Spot After Emma Tall Slapped With Penalty

Sam Briggs has been given a spot for the CrossFit Games after her Swedish opponent Emma Tall was penalised.

The Brit originally finished sixth in the European Semifinal at the German Throwdown, meaning she missed out on automatic qualification.

But her rank on the leaderboard was upgraded after CrossFit announced a list of penalties three days after the original results were revealed.

As the Semifinals went ahead online, judges had to review and approve the Swedish athlete’s video recordings which they had originally done.

Under closer inspection, though, they decided to dock her points for “failure to extend hips and knees at the top of the deadlift” in Event 2, and for “receiving assistance with equipment” in Event 6.

It means Sam can now turn her attention solely to the Games and will not have to compete in the Last-Chance Qualifier.

Emma Tall was not impressed with the late decision reversal from officials, posting on Instagram: “I read the standards and I followed them.

“You accepted it, you approved the video and said congratulations.

“We played by the rules you gave us.

“Then you changed your mind, for some of us.

“The only answer to all of my questions was a copy-pasted email that you sent out to all athletes trying to appeal.

“If you would have given me the penalty directly, fair. If you would have done a second review before posting the result, ok. If you would have apologized and admitted that you made a mistake, or even a few mistakes, I would still have some respect.”

Tall still has a chance to get to the Games through the Last-Chance Qualifier, where she will be joined by Brits Evie Hollis and Joshua Al-Chamaa.